The WWII B-24 Philippines Repatriation Project
65 years ago 6 B-24 bombers went out on a Philippines bombing run, but only 4 returned. Two of the aircraft disappeared into a cloudbank and were never heard from again. Although U.S. Army searchers located and buried 7 of the 11 crewmen of one of the aircraft at the crash site in 1947, a hiking group recently rediscovered the location of the heavily moss-covered wreckage of this aircraft, and reported the previously unfound, undisturbed location of the second B-24. wreckage containing crew remains directly to North South Polar. The remote mountainous region was until recently under the threat of extremists and an area too dangerous to go. With the help of local councils and members of the hiking who reported finding the crash, a specialized NSP team will search the sites and facilitate the crews’ return to their families through JPAC.