WWII Aviation

The Lost Squadron Recovery Project
Five rare WWII P-38 Lighting Fighters from the ‘Lost Squadron’ remain under the ice in remote Greenland, to be recovered by NSP. North South Polar team leader Lou Sapienza was a member of the original ‘Greenland Expedition Society,’ which recovered the first and only other plane from the Lost Squadron, named “Glacier Girl,” from over 268 feet below the surface of the ice. “Glacier Girl” was remarkably well preserved and now flies with nearly 80% original parts. Aerial and ground radar relocation surveys, hot water probe and remote camera verification are planned as part of the 2012/2013 Greenland expeditions that include locating and repatriating the WWII crews of a J2F-4 Grumman Duck and the C-53 Sky Trooper, which is in close proximity to the Lost Squadron.